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Facial Vein Treatment
Facial Vein Treatment
(Lasers selectively destroy the visible veins of the face while leaving the overlying skin intact.)

Facial Vein Removal (KTP) – KTP stands for potassium titanyl-phosphate; a laser used to destruct broken blood vessels on the face. KTP works by selectively targeting red (hemoglobin) and the energy coagulates the blood vessel below the skin’s surface.

The treatment takes only minutes to perform with the feeling of a heat sting that only lasts during the treatment itself. Patients feel fine right away and are ready to leave the office immediately. Healing ointment is applied to the treatment area and should be continued for several days afterward as there can be some superficial skin peeling or even a “cat scratch” appearance. Most patients see results with just one treatment, but there are times when a series of treatments may be required. Sometimes patients only have a single treatment, but return months or years later for a touch-up for new vessels that appear.